Interior Design Agreement Contract

If you`re working as an interior designer, it`s important to have a solid agreement contract with your clients. This contract outlines the scope of work and sets clear expectations for both parties. But what should be included in an interior design agreement contract?

1. Scope of work: Your contract should clearly outline what services you will provide to the client. This may include space planning, color selection, furniture selection, and more. Be specific about what you will and will not be doing for the client.

2. Timeline: It`s important to include a timeline for the project, including estimated start and end dates. Make sure to include any deadlines for the client to provide necessary information or make decisions.

3. Payment terms: Your contract should include payment terms, including how much you will be paid and when payment is due. You may want to consider requiring a deposit upfront, as well as payment in installments throughout the project.

4. Change orders: What happens if the client wants to make changes to the project after work has begun? This should be addressed in the contract, including any additional fees that may apply.

5. Termination clause: In the event that either party needs to end the project early, include a termination clause that outlines what will happen to any payments already made and any work completed.

6. Liability: It`s important to protect yourself against any potential liability. Your contract should include a clause stating that the client is responsible for any damage to their property or personal injury that may occur during the project.

By including these key elements in your interior design agreement contract, you can ensure a successful and clear partnership with your clients. Make sure to review the contract with the client before beginning any work and keep a signed copy for your records. Happy designing!

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